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The purpose of the Virtual Art Gallery Virtual Art Gallery is to inspire reflective dialog about the question, “Where is Nature?” All viewers and artists are encouraged to contribute to the evolving discussion through comments for individual works, for the gallery as a whole, and about nature in general. Comment boxes are provided at the bottom of each entry and page, and artistic responses are welcomed. We’ve provided a thumbnail version of the gallery for convenient navigation, which is accessible from the side bar at right. If you would like to submit an original work to the gallery, email us a link to your image along with a brief bio and narrative, and we’ll craft an entry for you!

For inspiration and clarification, see below for excerpts from our “Where is nature?” Call for Submissions:

“Within the varied landscapes of the human experience, the identity of nature can be both diverse and elusive. In the current age of websites, global markets, and space travel, our conceptions of where to find nature may be expanding. Seeking priorities and strategies in environmental work, we grapple with the question: where is nature?

Is nature limited to wilderness areas and native ecosystems, or is it also located in city arboretums, organic farms and community gardens? Is nature only “outdoors?” What about our minds and bodies? Can nature live, through metaphysics or psychology, in our memories of a place? Where do we find nature when we travel to new countries or regions? How is it interpreted by different cultures and spiritual traditions?

Where do we find nature in our busy and isolated life styles? Where can we renew our connections with nature? Are there practices that can help us discover nature in unexpected places? For children and adults across society, do computer games, social networking sites, websites, and podcasts replace the experience of outdoor nature with a cyber-space reality? Can cyber-space, movies, and television bring outdoor nature to people in urban, indoor or denuded environments?”

We welcome all gallery contributions that address any of the above themes. Enjoy the gallery, and thanks for participating!

Check out the print volume, “Where is Nature?” for more on this theme.

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