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Weather Gone Wild: documentary review

by Cherice Bock Editor, Whole Terrain In the wake of an unprecedented number of extreme weather events in the last several years, Weather Gone Wild explores the significance of these events as well as strategies we could employ in order to mitigate them. Although each weather event taken alone could …


The Enemy Within: documentary review

In 1984-85, coal miners throughout most of the United Kingdom went on strike, protesting the Thatcher administration’s attempts at controlling trade unions. The biggest and longest strike in the history of the UK, it followed successful strikes in the 1970s where unions used successful tactics such as leveraging their control of the …


Racing to Zero: documentary review

by Cherice Bock Editor, Whole Terrain Encouraging and inspiring, the film Racing to Zero documents the great work in which the city of San Francisco is engaged (see trailer below). By the year 2020, San Francisco hopes to have achieved zero waste leaving their city destined for a landfill. At the …