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Weather Gone Wild: documentary review

by Cherice Bock Editor, Whole Terrain In the wake of an unprecedented number of extreme weather events in the last several years, Weather Gone Wild explores the significance of these events as well as strategies we could employ in order to mitigate them. Although each weather event taken alone could …

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Who Do You Trust?

by Cherice Bock Editor, Whole Terrain One of the things I spend a good deal of my time thinking about is how we win the philosophical and ideological battle of convincing people that climate change is real, human-caused, and that we can and must change our personal and collective behaviors …

The trial of Tim DeChristopher

By Emily Bowers: A spur-of-the-moment decision to throw a monkey wrench into a 2008 Bureau of Land Management oil and gas leasing auction made Tim DeChristopher an unforeseen leader within the environmental movement.  DeChristopher was found guilty on two felony counts on March 3, 2011 after disrupting the auction in …