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A portrait of Dan Kemp looking at the camera

Editor Profile: Dan Kemp

By Caroline Ailanthus: Dan Kemp was an unusual student who became a Whole Terrain co-editor in the usual way; like several other editors over the years, he took the “Literature of the Land” course with Rowland Russell and Fred Taylor. He also joined a writing group led by Russell, who is …

Two-Time Contributor Has New Book On The Way

by Caroline Ailanthus Janisse Ray’s new book, The Seed Underground, is due out on August 1.  Janisse is a two-time contributor to Whole Terrain, having given us “Towards a Real Earth Day” in Volume 14, 2005/2006, Celebration and Ceremony, and “Revolution: Beauty and the Coming Apart of Beauty, Becoming Beauty …

Connecting to our landscape through art: Whole Terrain interviews Erika Osborne

By Hanna Wheeler Scrawny, twisted juniper and pinon characterize environmental artist Erika Osborne‘s arid, mountain-west home. “Because there aren’t a lot of trees, you notice individuals,” she said. “They have this character to them that’s a product of the environment and the weather. I started looking at them as individuals …

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