Volume 9: Serious Play

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Volume 9: Serious PlayAuthors in this issue discuss play in the context of environmental work. Some writers celebrate the richness of our creative powers; others describe how landscapes of play form a basis for connecting with the natural world. A common idea emerges throughout the writings: play brings people together and sets the imagination in motion–both integral to the ecological work we face now and in the future.


Susie Caldwell/Mitchell Thomashow


  • WARNING: No Swimming
    Marilyn Kallet
  • Unusual
    Marilyn Kallet


  • Saving Presents: The Re-emergence of Dreamtime
    and Playtime in Childhood

    David Sobel
  • Comedy and a Play Ethic
    Joseph W. Meeker
  • More Than Just Watching
    Michael P. Branch
  • The Place of Dance
    Andrea Olsen
  • Variations on Baseball
    Richard Grossinger
  • River Soldiers
    David James Duncan
  • Business-as-Very-Unusual
    interview with Alan AtKisson
  • Risking Play
    Lilace Mellin-Guignard
  • Save Coyote
    John Herrmann
  • An Ecology of Tag
    Amy Wright
  • Lighting the Match
    interview with Terry Tempest Williams

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