Volume 8: Legacy and Posterity

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Volume 8: Legacy and PosterityWriters in this issue reflect on the importance of environmental legacy in our lives. For some contributors, legacy is held in a landscape, a generation, a mentor, a dream. For others, it is embodied in environmental heroes. A common theme throughout explores how a legacy of caring is passed from one generation to the next, and how such a living legacy can both nurture and alter our environmental history.


Sherri Miles


  • The Gorillas in the Philadelphia Zoo
    Howard Nelson
  • Moments of Youth
    Liza Jeswald
  • The Early Protectors
    Bruce Berger
  • Pictographs
    Jeff Bickart


  • By the Light of John Muir; an interview with Lee Stetson
    Fred Taylor
  • A Naturalist’s Legacy of Caring
    Ann Zwinger
  • The Art of Mentoring
    Ricardo Sierra
  • Mentors
    Larry Daloz
  • Intergenerational Ambivalence
    Janet Pivnick
  • Recollections of my Father: an interview with Nina Leopold Bradley
    Russell Sewell and Clifford Knapp
  • Communication Between Senior Citizens and Children in Nature Schools
    Shigeyuki Okajima
  • Haystacks and Hay-bales, Pumpkins and Seeds:Transmitting the Treasures of Childhood
    Rabbi Everett Gendler
  • Remembering Gramps
    Katherine Fiveash
  • The Biography of a Landscape
    Maria Isabel Garcia
  • A Sense of Wonder: an interview with Kaiulani Lee
    Sherri Miles
  • The Remembering
    Ana Charvelle
  • Native Heritage: A Tradition of Participation
    Simon Ortiz

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