Volume 7: Transience, Permanence, and Commitment

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Whole Terrain is interested in receiving for consideration submissions that reflect, describe, and critique these “constructive coalitions.”  Volume 7: Transience, Permanence, and CommitmentIn our lives of movement and impermanence, how do we strengthen our commitment to the environment as we change our commitment to place? Authors reflecting on questions of identity, belonging, and connection in the midst of mobility and change prompt us to develop a sense of commitment and kinship with the land, even those places that are only temporarily in our lives.


Sherri Miles, Editor


  • At Home
    Linda Lizut Helstern
  • Meditation Point
    Jan Bailey
  • Snapdragons and Superman
    Dana Garrett
  • Quilting
    Alesia Maltz
  • Aporia
    Jane Routh


  • Off The Map
    Chellis Glendinning
  • Meditation on Two Salamanders
    Reyes Garcia
  • Fragments of Vanished Lives
    John Elder
  • Not Wandering, Not Staying Put
    A. d’Forrest Ketchin
  • Each Sky Its Own Blue
    an interview with David Abram
  • Transience and Permanence Forever Unfolding
    Mitchell Thomashow
  • Searching the Song of Place
    Beth McDermott
  • Undulating Through Raindrops
    Gregory Tomb
  • Altars of Bleached Memories
    Nancy Deever
  • The Trail to Green Mountain
    Nat Scrimshaw
  • The Kootenai Five
    Rick Bass
  • Journal Reflections on the Thai-Burmese Border
    Elias Amidon

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