Volume 6: Creative Collaborations

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Volume 6: Creative CollaborationsThis issue explores and celebrates organizations, individuals, community groups, and businesses we would not necessarily find working together, coming to the table to solve tough environmental problems. Though their work is never easy, their conclusions are provocative and heartening for those who work in environmental fields.


Martha Twombly, Editor

Cover Art

  • Ty Minton’s symbols


  • Axis
    Tatyana Mamonova
  • Sonnet for Eden
    Kenneth Boulding



  • A Chance for the Wild
    Jody Larson
  • Shaping a Living Democracy: an interview with Frances Moore Lapp and Dr. Paul Martin DuBois
    Martha Twombly
  • Recreating Environmentalism
    David Dobbs and Richard Ober
  • The Art of Collaboration: an interview with Daniel Kemmis
    Martha Twombly
  • Federated Along One Keel: Scholar and Activist at Sea – an interview with David Morris
    Michael Branch
  • Environmental Education and Coexistence in the Middle East
    Anne-Seymour St. John
  • Weaving the Fabric of Community
    Delia Clark
  • Valuing Diversity
    Thomas Webler and Seth Tuler
  • Inviting Them to Dance
    Cynthia Thomashow and Susan Gentile
  • Beyond Civility
    Alexandra Dawson

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