Volume 5: Research as Real Work

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Volume 5: Research as Real WorkContributing writers to this issue explore the realm of environmental research as more than a purely objective pursuit. These researchers invite the reader into their passionate quests through their hearts, their minds, and their work.



  • Requiem to a Regular Bird
    Sue Holloway
  • In the Provincial Museum
    Bruce Berger
  • The Missing Binoculars
    Bruce Berger


  • Life and Death on Shiva’s Beach
    Paul Spencer Sochaczewski
  • Requiem
    Phyllis Windle
  • A January Journal: Rescuing the Swans
    Sue Holloway
  • Reflections on a Tapestry of Story
    Deborah Leta Habib
  • To Search and Search Again: On the Practice of Environmental Research
    Thomas Lowe Fleischner
  • Follow the Raven
    Greg Gordon
  • Defending Ancient Forests from the Wrath of the 104th Congress
    Dominick DellaSala
  • Tribulations of an Environmental Farm Writer
    Gene Logsdon
  • Charting the Territory of Collaboration
    Dianne Dumanoski
  • Dwelling in the House of Life
    An interview with Paul Brooks

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