Volume 2: Spirituality, Identity, and Professional Ethics

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Volume 2: Spirituality, Identity and Professional EthicsIn this issue, authors share very personal stories about the connections between their professional lives, ecological identities, and spiritual beliefs. They provide insights illuminating the choices we face in our own lives, reaffirming that our efforts do make a difference.



  • A Joy of the World
    David Rothenberg
  • Winter Solstice Colloquy
    Joy Ackerman
  • Seeking the Sacred in Family Life
    Cynthia Thomashow
  • Bonding with Nature
    Tom Wessels
  • A Sense of No Place
    Katie Hennessey
  • Voices of Ecological Identity
  • The Chance of a Lifetime
    David Simser
  • Intrapreneuring, Satisfaction and Citizen Participation
    Robert Sanford
  • Following My Heart
    Michael Caduto
  • Merwin in Maui
    Sandy Stott
  • Limbo
    David Dersham
  • A Poem for Derf
    Paul Belz
  • The Symbols of Whole Terrain
    Ty Minton

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