Volume 1: Environmental Identity and Professional Choices

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Volume 1: Environmental Identity and Professional ChoicesThose who have chosen the environmental profession share in the decision to work for the earth. Polls show that three-quarters of Americans consider themselves environmentalists, but far fewer have chosen the field for their profession. Authors in this issue reflect on their own environmental practice.



  • Towards Mindful Environmental Practice
    Mitchell Thomashow
  • The Environmental Professions
    Abraham B. Bernstein
  • Environmental Professionals and the Law
    Alexandra D. Dawson
  • Educating for Social Responsibility
    Shelley Berman
  • Beyond the End of Nature
    Fred Taylor
  • Ecology and Moral Choice
    John E. Carroll
  • Moving Toward the Light
    Peter Ryner
  • Comprehending Hope
    Connie Lasher

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