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Welcome to Whole Terrain Notes & Niches, a new newsletter for the Environmental Studies community at Antioch University New England!

Sunset along the AT in New Hampshire
Published annually, Whole Terrain features literary contributions from writers, thinkers and practitioners from across the globe focused around a particular theme. For nearly 20 years (through 2007), Environmental Studies students edited and produced Notes & Niches to more frequently reach our Antioch and extended local community with a broader range of content. Published periodically during Fall and Spring semesters, Notes & Niches featured original student, alumni, and faculty work along with news items pertinent to the extended ES community.

Drawing from this rich history, Whole Terrain is launching a new project featuring original work from our Antioch community. Whole Terrain’s Notes & Niches will be produced in an online format, allowing a greater range of multimedia content, while also saving paper. Extending from our theme of reflective environmental practice, we seek contributions from individuals who are just beginning or refining their careers, and who have chosen the environment as the basis for their work. We also welcome items from our colleagues within the department, including CGC, CTEC, MERE, Student Alliance, and the Sustainability and Social Justice Committee.

More than a literary journal, we look to highlight original creative or nonfiction work including essays, prose, poetry, photography, art of any media, video, audio or other contributions. Submissions may include work completed for class or outside of it. Submissions may be edited for clarity or length. We also ask for your program track along with estimated graduation date for current students and year of graduation for alumni to include with your byline.

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Submissions are accepted at any time. We aim to publish our first issue in the spring of 2014. If you have any questions about Notes & Niches, please send us an email.

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