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WT 20: Heresy

Whole Terrain Volume 20: Heresy

Whole Terrain, Antioch University New England’s nationally acclaimed journal of reflective environmental practice, is dedicated to the experience of those who have chosen the environment as the basis of their work. Whole Terrain cultivates reflective thought and mindful awareness in an effort to create a balance between humanity and the Earth.  It is a place where new and established writers and artists come together with environmental professionals, students and faculty from around the world to examine such diverse themes as Serious Play,  Risk, ((r)e)volution, and Net Works. Former Whole Terrain contributors include Kathleen Dean Moore, John Elder, Terry Tempest Williams and Gary Nabhan, to name just a few. The result is a high-quality journal of professional reflection that brings a constellation of perspectives to bear on some of the most important issues facing the planet today.

The current call for submissions centers on the theme of trust. Submissions due December 31, 2014. Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the New Terrain Award.

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