Announcing Volume 22: Trust

Trust cover

Announcing the release of Volume 22: Trust! This beautiful and insightful print journal explores a number of angles on the theme of trust, from land trusts to trusting the passage of time. By focusing on trust in this issue, we are not encouraging a sentimental, Romantic ideal of “trusting nature” and idealizing its sublime qualities. On the contrary, the thread common to the pieces in this issue in many ways turns this idea on its head. These authors and artists ask, “Am I trustworthy? Am I — are we as human beings — living in such a way that we are worthy of the trust of those around us, human beings and otherwise?” Can we trust our very selves?

Contributions include essays by Clarisse Hart, Evan Pritchard, Michael P. Branch, Jeff Todd Titon, Carolyn Munro, Deborah Galle, Cindy Ellen Hill, and Heidi Watts; poems by Sophie Dillon and prose poetry by Lené Gary; fiction by Allison Augustyn; in interview of Jennifer Lavers by Elizabeth Claire Alberts; and visual art by Tviga Vasilyeva, Sarah Bowen, Jason deCaires Taylor (cover), and Dmitry Borshch. The volume is edited by Cherice Bock, with illustrations by Sophy Tuttle and graphic design by Vivian Kimball.

View the table of contents and editor’s note here.

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