New Terrain Award: now accepting poetry through April 15

We have become aware that there was some confusion around the interpretation of the submission guidelines for this year’s New Terrain Award.  In the spirit of inclusion, we are extending our submission deadline until April 15, 2015, and are willing to consider poetry, in addition to fiction and non-fiction submissions.

Students who have already submitted a prose piece and would prefer to offer poetry instead may send in up to three separate poems by the extended deadline of April 15. There is no need to do anything for those who wish their original prose submission to remain under consideration. Pieces submitted by the original February deadline as well as any new submissions will be considered for the New Terrain Award.

Once more, our theme for this year is “Trust.”  Full award details and the general call for submissions can be found here.  Please consider distributing the revised guidelines/extension and poster where undergraduate writers will see it.  Also, please forward this message to any faculty, staff, or students who work with undergraduate writers or who might find Whole Terrain of interest.

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