Introducing Writing Nature Marketplace

Check out the new Writing Nature site, which is being developed in affiliation with over 150 writers, painters, photographers, musicians and other artists in the Writing Nature community.  Their work explores and promotes sense of place and environmental themes.  Individuals in the Writing Nature community have created long-running annual and semi-annual retreats at Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough NH, the Baca Campus in Crestone CO and the Blue River gathering at Andrews Experimental Forest east of Eugene OR. They also publish an annual journal entitled ‘Writing Nature’ and have worked collaboratively with a number of organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Land Library, the Natural History Network, and Orion Society as well as Whole Terrain.

The initial feature on the site, the Writing Nature Marketplace has been created to help promote the works of members and affiliate organizations of the network through consignment sales.  Volumes of Whole Terrain are now available through the Marketplace.


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