Artist: Greg Frux


Death Valley Jet

Death Valley Jet by Greg Frux

(original dimensions are 35” x 22”)

Brooklyn-based artist Gregory William Frux documents and celebrates the life of his city in oil paintings & drawings. His work has earned recognition from such diverse organizations as Brooklyn Arts Council, The Library of Congress, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the National Park Service.

Besides his urban work, Greg has been inspired by his time in the wilderness. His travel adventures have become sources for his art.

“When I returned to Death Valley for a second time in 2006 I had a pretty good idea I would do a painting of a fighter jet over our national park. Flying from bases in Southern California and maybe also Nevada, the military’s right to overfly the western half of the park was grandfathered as part of the agreement to add this land under the 1994 California Desert Protection Act. I looked at these metal war machines with horror and fascination. The effect of seeing something so heavy moving fast only a couple of hundred feet off the ground is stunning. The image came to me as I saw a pair of jets fly down the canyon in the Inyo Mountain which I had just hiked up. They were violently loud, amazingly fast, precise and disturbing. I have tried to capture the experience as I saw it. The apparent steepness of the dive is a product of the angle of viewing.” ~ Greg Frux

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