Artist: Aviva Cohen

Naked Trees by Aviva Cohen

Naked Trees by Aviva Cohen

“Last winter I began to photograph deciduous trees on my way to and from my job at New Hampshire Community Technical College. I was fascinated with the various shapes and structures of the trees that were only emphasized by the fact that they were bare of leaves. I would stop by the side of the road and snap them with my digital camera. I teach digital imaging and my favorite software application is Photoshop. I manipulated the images in Photoshop to create this montage. I sought to emphasize the structure of the trees and the way the branches grow out from the trunks, break into smaller branches and are silhouetted against the sky.” – Aviva Cohen

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Aviva Cohen earned her BFA in art education from the Massachusetts College of Art. She is an alumni of Antioch University of New England, graduating from the Experienced Educators program in 2003. She has taught Art grades 8-12 in Melbourne, Australia and Chelmsford, MA. Currently she is teaching Digital Design and Animation and Fine Arts at New Hampshire Community Technical College at Stratham and Pease. She works in pencil, watercolor, and Photoshop.

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